Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


You can browse without revealing your personal information, but when you reveal your personal information you will be an anonymous person for;  providing with your personal information means you agree with transferring, storing this information on the servers of We may gather and store the following personal information: 

1- The email address, the financial information in some cases such as: the credit card and/or the bank account’s numbers in order to deduct the required amount from your account to complete the purchasing process through

2- The transaction’s information which are activities related to you on the website, such as (buying, purchasing, and contents related to you or to your account).

3- Shipping transactions, bills and other information which you provide in order to complete the purchasing process.

4- other information such as: contents ,services and advertisement  , including  the computer information , connection information ,  statistics for pages,   roaming between websites,  advertising data , IP address and the  standard information for the registration on the internet websites.

5-  Any additional information we may request your authentication on it in case of suspicion of any violation for the website policies, such as (your personal identity or an official bill in order to ensure your address, or answering additional questions which help verify your identity or your property for the product/item).